Flybe, co-owned by Finnair and British airline company Flybe, offers great-value regional flights in Finland, Estonia, Sweden and Norway. As a Finnair Plus member you can earn and use points on flights operated by Flybe in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Please note that this partnership does not include Flybe flights to or from the UK.

Earn Points


You can earn Finnair Plus award points on scheduled Flybe flights (flight numbers BE5500–5670 or AY8100–8700);

Tier points can be earned only on AY8100-8700 flights starting from October 1st, 2012 (not on BE coded flights).

Normal Finnair tier benefits are available on all flights that have a Finnair flight number. Tier benefits are not available on flights that have Flybe flight number.

For more information on eligible booking classes, see the table below, valid from March 20th, 2012.


Flybe Nordic (BE) Booking classes Points per segment
AY8100-8700 Y
AY8100-8700 A B G H K L M N O P Q R S T V W Z        500
BE5500-5680 W R         1000
BE5500-5680 Y T S V K H L Q X A B U M Z I        500


Missing points from flights? You can register your missing points in the My Finnair Plus section of our website. Register missing points

Use Points

You can use points for flight awards on Flybe flights within Finland and on Flybe routes from Finland to destinations in Sweden and Estonia. Point charges for Flybe award flights are the same as for Finnair flights; you can check them here