Smartbox Sweden

SmartboxTM is an international success story, changing the way we give and receive presents. The receiver of a Smartbox gets an unforgettable experience; you could, for example, give a spa treatment, the chance to drive a Ferrari, a wine tasting, or a luxury escape.

Smartbox gifts come in pre-selected categories. You simply choose a category, and the Smartbox is delivered to the recipient's door. The box includes an illustrated guidebook, detailing the options available, and a gift certificate with which to redeem the chosen activity. The recipient then simply chooses where they want to go for the experience!

Karlavägen 7

11424 Stockholm

Tel. +46 (0)8 23 42 22

Use Points

Smartbox Sweden - En skön dag
12.68 EUR + 8.000 P
Smartbox Sweden - Lyxbrunch
44.51 EUR + 8.000 P
Smartbox Sweden - Min stund
55.32 EUR + 8.000 P
Smartbox Sweden - Provningar
66.17 EUR + 8.000 P